Monday, January 04, 2010

snapshots of christmas 2009

all was calm....all was bright....

mom and nichole in town...what could be better?

santa brought noah a super cool tony hawk bike and harley davidson helmet.

and my mom brought stephan his FAVORITE pepper sauce from palo alto, ca. 10 bottles of it. no gift has made him happier!

sadly, santa forgot to put something in the dogs stocking. a fact which wasn't overlooked by noah - it was the first thing he noticed when he came downstairs. oops...uh...dang!

ben and kyle spent christmas day with their dad this year, so they opened their presents the next day.

what a blessed christmas we had. i am so thankful for being able to enjoy it with family. along with my mom and sister, stephans parents and sister came from the springs to spend the day with us. stephan made a lovely crepe buffet for dinner...mmmm.
it was a delightful day full of happiness!


Natalie* said...

everything looks picture perfect!

Grandma Dana said...

Great Stuff! Christmas was a great Day.