Saturday, January 16, 2010


isn't it wonderful when the simple things can bring a smile to your face?

like this beloved little japanese doll my sister gave me...

and this card, which i bought and framed...
having said that, my heart, thoughts and prayers have been with the victims in haiti. at the dinner table last night we asked the boys if they knew what was going on in that part of the world. to our surprise, our older boys did not. i can't believe there has been no mention of it in school! we filled them in on what happened and the prior circumstances (the poverty of that country). they quietly listened and absorbed most of it.
i believe in being honest with my children, and not shielding them too much from the current events. they need to know what's going on around them. they need to know that there is a different way of life than the rich, blessed life we lead. hopefully it will cultivate a greater compassion within them. hopefully they will come to appreciate what they have on a deeper level, and take less for granted. it is my goal to raise responsible, compassionate, selfless, hard-working, loving, appreciative boys.
this family's prayers are with those suffering souls in haiti. may they be blessed with some measure of comfort and peace despite the horrendous conditions that surround them.


Natalie* said...

i can't stop thinking about haiti, too. that doll is so adorable - i want a little kanashi doll of my own, too. i've found some online, but need to narrow down which one i want - wait till i blog about it; there are so many cute ones!

Family Valois said...

I am glad you wrote this Kim. I have been researching this very morning on how I want to talk to my girls about Haiti. I struggle and I fear I shelter my children far too much. And they too have not talked about this in school.

and yes, cute little doll from your cute little sister, my old sweet friend. :)