Friday, January 08, 2010

documenting through photos - january

i am not usually one who does "series" on my blog. but while talking with my friend natalie, who does, we started talking about the need for monthly photos of our kids. i loved this idea! i mean, for shame....a photographer that doesn't document their own kids on a monthly basis?! so i immediately knew i wanted to copy/steal/borrow her idea.

and so i introduce my new series, "documenting through photos". monthly pictures of each of my kids.






kim said...

Those boys are so handsome. I cannot believe how much older Ben is looking. He is going to be a heartbreaker! Great pics. You should blow those up and put them on the wall!

Natalie* said...

well done, my friend; invaluable treasures you have documented here.

Jaime said...

Wow, your boys are growing so big and cute! I love the nursury you did, I hope everything goes well with baby Ashton!

Family Valois said...

Love it. Your older two look so much alike! Such handsome boys! Where did you take these? The background is so dark, but the lighting is so nice. Please share!

Also, I am loving your whole blog. Your husband seems so fun!, your home is so cute, and you're awesome and lovely!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of your boys are stunning. I agree that they should be hung on the wall. The nursery is also beautiful... makes me want to redecorate some rooms in my house.