Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the bunny who got a second chance

as most of you know, we have two very large dogs. and three very active boys. and a husband who is a chef, and looks upon most wild animals as culinary delights. so rabbits who come in our yard are throwing the dice with their lives. a sort of russian roullet.

while nichole was in town she went down into the basement to fetch something from our food pantry. it just so happens that it looks out into the window well. she came up and reported that there was a rabbit in there. a live rabbit.
what the? how the? why in the world would it...? hmm.
i told her that the chances of him getting out alive were slim to none. unless she wanted to climb in there and free him. (she is a lover of all things furry and cute, so i thought it appropriate to mentally prepare her for a bit of heartache) she didn't want to climb in the well and wrestle with a wild rabbit, but she did feel immense pity for the creature and threw a carrot his way.

when stephan came home from work the boys excitedly told him about the visitor. i fully expected he would shrug his shoulders and say, well, he shouldn't have hopped down there. his grave is dug. or something along those lines. i really didn't think he would go down and rescue it.
i was wrong. and many photo ops ensued!

by the disgruntled look on his face, i imagine this is what went through steph's mind:

run away little dude. run away and never return. oh, and don't let on to your little bunny posse the kindness this home owner showed you....it might have been a fluke!


Natalie* said...

HA! thanks ever so for a laugh this early in the morning! the thought of nichole tossing him a carrot is so great. the summer we moved here, we got baby bunnies stuck in our window wells all the time - they were so tiny and kept trying to hop out, but thier hops only got them about 4 inches up the 4 foot high window wells. so sad. jay would rescue them (there's no way i would climb down there - can you imagine the arachnids?!) and chelsea would ask to keep them as pets. after plugging the holes around our fences, we haven't had any little visitors.

Anonymous said...

We had one in our window well when we first moved in as well. After checking for spiders, I opened the window and got the bunny into a box and then let it go outside. As for a bunny for stew...I am about ready to get rid of our pet one...but don't tell the girls.