Monday, January 11, 2010

a few lovely and delicious distractions...

i really don't mean to complain, but any woman who has been pregnant will back me up when i say that the last few weeks can be a bit unbearable. i know i should be relishing this last bit of time before a tiny human consumes it all...but my body is under such strain.
i am finding that distracting myself from thinking about it too much helps...a little.

so, here are a few of the things that are seeing me through the long days:

a really good book:

sinfully delicious fruit:

and a new craving, that is now my FAVORITE cake ever...
multi-layer coconut cake (baked for me by my loving husband):

how lucky am i? yes, it is just as good as it looks.


Family Valois said...

Um, you need to share a piece of that cake for a post-partum lactating mother! :D he he...looks heavenly!

Ugh, those last weeks are miserable. So soon, so soon.

Natalie* said...

oh wow. i would gladly partake of all these things. isn't TOBG fabulous?! just wait - it gets even better!