Monday, January 04, 2010

oh the fun we have...

whenever my mom and sister come to town we have such a wonderful time. there are usually a few things that we consistently do:


this trip was no exception. i took them to my new FAVORITE fabric and yarn store, fancy tiger.
i adore this store. seriously! it's got a cool indie vibe, and of course it doesn't hurt that the fabric is insanely cute. all the yarn is hand dyed, etc. the owners are serious crafters and are usually head to toe outfitted in clothing they have sewn/knit/crocheted themselves. inspiration station, people!

oh, and the logo...holy cuteness! i want to adopt/steal their catch phrase "be. do. make." plus any store with the name of fancy tiger has serious promise, no?

after purchasing some fabric joy we frequented a few of the uber-hip vintage shops that neighbor fancy tiger.
my one and only complaint was that i couldn't last longer. my pregnant belly was slowing me down something fierce.

prior to fancy tiger we needed to take care of some business in the form of a flat tire. fortunately we recently purchased said tire, so the flat was fixed free-o-charge.
while waiting, we snacked on some not so great soft serve, made better with vending machine junior mints. mmm...

and waited on the plush floor sample furnishings.

this picture was taken later that evening. nichole was trying out some of noahs newly obtained spy gear.
can't wait to see you guys again SOON! it's too hard to be separated from my peeps!


Natalie* said...

oh you fun ladies! alright, so after ashton's arrival and you are feeling up to it, let's head down to fancy tiger, okay? hey, maybe for my belated bday!

Jandi said...

how fun. so great to have family come for a few days. that is the place we heard about, no? yes, i too would love to see that "fancy tiger"!!

kim said...

So glad you had a nice time with your mom and sis. It is wonderful to have such close friends who are your family! Your mom and sis look great too!