Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the unknown

we all fear the unknown. to some extent or another.
right now the thing that is completely occupying my mind/life is my pregnancy.
i went in this week for an ultrasound because i was measuring big.
the ultrasound proves that i am 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

the ultrasound also showed that my baby is in the breech position. ugh.
this i have feared for many reasons, but mostly because i really don't want to have a c-section.
i've always had normal vaginal births. for the most part they have been pleasant, albeit a little quick...but that's good too, isn't it?
now i have a few things to consider.

option 1: they can try to turn him, externally. painful? yes. a bit risky? yes. a hospital procedure? yes. epidural involved? yes.

option 2: i opt for a c-section. unknown to me? yes. scary? yes. horrendous recovery time? yes.

option 3: i deliver him breech. now i'm not entirely clear as to whether this option will still be on the table in 2 more weeks because of the breech presentation. in some cases or positions, they will not let you deliver breech vaginally. it's too risky to mom and baby. mostly baby.

so i've got some things to consider, ponder and pray about. it's all a bit scary to me. mostly because of the unknown. it's not familiar. of course the most important thing is the health and safety of the baby, so my decision will be based on that.

but's fear of the unknown that's kind of consuming me.


Natalie* said...

wow. i can't imagine the stress you are experiencing and wish there were something i could do. but you know how to go about this bit of unknown because you've already conceded that prayer is the way to go about it. i am confident that you'll be prompted in knowing what's best for you and ashton. all of us over here at the h* house are pulling and praying for you all.
also, beautiful photos.

Jandi said...

Like Natalie said, BEAUTIFUL pictures. Really!! You are the inspired type, so, I am not worried about you making the correct decision for you and that baby boy. Our prayers are with you and if you need anything...

Grandma Dana said...

Praying will always give you the answers that you need. I know that the Lord steps in and can calm you for the fear of the unknown. Know we love you and we are keeping you in our prayers.

I love the photos of you. You are beautiful pregnant.

Ashley said...

Hey Kim! I am getting so excited to see this little one of yours. I have now delivered 2 via C-section and I just have to say I LOVED this last one I had in Oct. I was up and walking around happliy by the end of the day that I had delivered Ethan. He was born at 7am. I was so amazed at how much easier and quicker it was to recover for me. It was scheduled though ahead of time and I think that is the key. With Eli it was an emergency and it took me weeks to feel as good. So I don't know if that helps but my point is if you are still breech when he is due then I wouldn't attempt to turn him (yes I have talked to many who say how painful it is) and instead schedule a C-section ahead of time! (but this is what works for my body) Good luck girl! And seriously cannot wait to see pictures!

Angie Fellows said...

Both of my boys were C-sections. I have to agree with Ashley that the second one- the scheduled one was a lot better recovery time. Not bad at all. Danny was also an emergency one. You are such a strong woman. You are in my prayers! And if there's anything I can do- don't hesitate!
I have to also agree with everyone- the pictrues are absolutely gorgeous!

Jaime said...

Good Luck Kim! I hope everything goes well (whatever you decide)! You look just beautiful!