Thursday, April 29, 2010

a week in the life - weekend recap

my command center:

noah's command center (i love the mix of the missionaries, tank and giant plant):

my favorite lovely beverage:

the bus (a love/hate relationship for noah and i): april!:

errands to run:

phone calls to make:

groceries to buy (forever buying milk!!):


a cute scene in the morning:
yummy fish and cous cous dinner:

yummy treat for lunch:


making a weight watchers recipe - stuffed peppers:

stephan using ashton as a puppet to tell the boys the story of little red riding hood... who was raised in the 'hood:

i am currently in the process of scrapbooking ALL of my week. i have an average of 60 pics per day. i won't use all those pictures, but it's a lot to sort through. i love this project!!


Family Valois said...

ok Kim! First off , your older boys are so handsome and look so much alike! Second, I am starting the WW bandwagon too, so I may need some recipes! Third, I love the boys on the couch, I love your kitchen (and now I love mine too!) AND I LOVE that you LOVE Diet Coke!

You look like you're doing great. Always cooking healthy meals for your family. Your home is so cozy and fun, and you have cute hair too!

Family Valois said...

oh and I have all different chairs around my table too! Like Monica! You're so cool, like me! :P

Jandi said...

This is a fun project. You will look back at this and LOVE that you did it. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to take this on for myself. I love the idea!! Cute pictures.

jessica said...

your sweetpod looks fantastic! i love the fabrics you chose!!