Monday, February 06, 2012

gearing up for "a day in the life"

i love new ways to document and celebrate life. Ali Edwards is really sort of brilliant when it comes to doing this. she is so very inspiring.
this wednesday i will be documenting my entire day. all the little seemingly meaningless things. all the big things. everything. you can get more information and read Ali's method on her blog.

in april 2010 i documented a week in the life. you can read my journey here.

i've posted a small sample of my documentation...

does anyone want to join me??


Daniele Valois said...

HI Kim! It's Daniele! It's been so long since I've looked at your blog! it is fun seeing all your instagram pics! I can't believe your son is 16! I use instagram as my daily journal of sorts. When the year is up, I'm going to make an instagram book!

So, hey, I'll do this tomorrow with you! It will give me a reason to dust off my real camera!!!

Ruth said...

How fun. Will you be posting your "day in the life" documentation? If so, I look forward to seeing how you documented it.