Friday, December 10, 2010

how about some origami for the holidays?

my latest obsession? origami! i have tried my hand at several different folds with a measure of success.

the peace/long life crane:
(which looks fabulously festive on my eiffel tower, no?)

my visiting teaching sister will be receiving one of these on a pretty ribbon.

the penguin.
(one tough little fellow, i tell you)

a small box.
(a lid can be made too, but i think this little beauty will house some beads)

a bookmark.
(the backside is a full square so it is pretty secure on the page)

i love learning a new craft!! fun and creatively stimulating.


RaeLyn said...

Very cool...I think we are on the same wavelength with bird ornaments for our sisters :)

Olivia said...

that book mark is WAY cool.

Jandi said...

Do you ever just sit? You are always crafting something up. Really cute. I remember when our foreign exchange student from Japan showed me how to do that. It is harder than it looks to be.

Chris and Ruth said...

Origami, how fun! I learned a few designs a long time ago.

Natalie said... pretty! the cranes are so very japan - love them.