Friday, March 21, 2008

a necessary evil....computers!

oh my goodness!! can i just say that if there was a skill i desparetely want to possess it would be computer savvyness. i recently purchased an external harddrive, due to the fact that i have a bazhillion pictures on my many that my system was WAY bogged down! well, my computer savvy sister in law recommended that i get an external hard drive to help. sounds simple enough, and wonderful too. i mean, hellllooo being able to carry around ALL my music, picture and word files in the palm of my hand...brilliant!! i tried putting pics that i took today onto my spiffy new device and just about had a heartattack when i found that they weren't there. not only were they not on the hard drive, but they were no longer on my camera. after about 45 minutes of panicky searching i did find that they were in a file on the computers hard drive. sigh. what the heck am i doing wrong???? i seriously need a nap after all this. for reals!
but, alas, here are a few pictures of our new house. i kind of have issues posting these because my house isn't as cutsied up as i would like. in fact it's very much still in boxes and dissaray. but i thought before and after pics would be interesting. and at least you can see the paint colors and my BRAND spankin' new appliances!!!!!!!!!! my heart skips a beat every time i use one of them. i am smitten.

true, it's kind of hard to see the appliances tucked into the mess of our kitchen, but if you squint and maybe turn your head a bit they are there!

my chocolate brown living room. nay sayers said it would be too dark, but the living room is bathed in sunlight all the live long day. you almost needed sunglasses to walk into it. not anymore! problem solved!

dining room ceiling fan. ahhh...i sort of feel like i'm in a trendy cafe when i sit at my table now.

oh look....there they are!! the gas stove and fridge!! see them! eventually a hood system will hover over the stove. eventually.

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Stacey said...

ohhhhh looks so good!!! love the colors of paint!! Can't wait to see it IRL!!!