Wednesday, March 26, 2008


so yesterday as i was making lunch, noah runs into the kitchen yelling, "oh no mom, teddy is on the couch!". we don't allow either one of the dogs on the couch, and they know that. i guess teddy just decided to push his luck. of course he looked so cute that i had to take a picture. then proceded to tell him to get off the couch. he begrudgingly did.

pregnancy update:

i am 16 weeks
still don't know what i'm having
preference? yes. i do want a girl but four boys would be cool too.
stephan has been referring to the baby as kaight. he wants a girl too.
craving of the moment: salad
no more sickness! whew.
i have a baby bump, but underneath clothing it's hard for others to see :(
too small for maternity clothes....too big for regular clothes...i just feel fat at this point
i can tell i am 34 and not 24
i am loving every moment of this pregnancy!!

then i thought i would post a before shot of the basement, or my little area of it. this will be my "studio" corner. i've already started working on it. i cannot wait to get in there are start scrapping and sewing again!!!! i can't remember when i've missed it so much. my creative juices are overflowing and need an outlet.

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