Tuesday, March 25, 2008

easter bounty

we were certainly blessed this easter season. there have almost too many blessings to count, and i am truly thankful! but it's the simple things that i love. like new spring buds. such a beautiful little reminder of the season!

but if you're a kid, this a much better sign of the season: CANDY!!

every year i make a bunny cake for easter dinner. this year was no exception, however i did use a spice cake mix instead of the ordinary yellow mix. it was good, but for this gal yellow is best.


and of course...glorious easter dinner. another occasion to over eat happily.

sign of the times: a family gathered around a mac laptop to watch a movie downloaded from itunes.

1 comment:

Tamra luvs Chuck said...

They are all so cute! Do you know what you are having yet? I think you need a little estrogen in the pic! Best wishes... love Tamra