Friday, February 02, 2007

more of those "worth it" moments

i have had a total "mom" week! the kind of week which you are totally immersed in your kids, and loving it. my heart is full of joy, love, admiration, and smiles. these guys are totally the reason

kyle was in a school play. too cute! it was complete with all the necessities: kids onstage waving, parts of the set falling, my three year old plugging his ears saying it was too loud, not enough parking in the school parking lot, and pushing and shoving to get to the cookies afterwards.

i am one of those "no flash" photographers. if AT ALL POSSIBLE, i avoid using a flash. why? well, i think photographer henri cartier-bresson said it best:

"and no photographs taken with the aid of flash light, either, if only out of respect for the actual light - even when there isn't any of it."

i have adopted that philosophy. love it. i love the way my pictures are turning out. forsake perfection. embrace the honesty of the moment!!

oh, and i have discovered a wonderful way to pull yourself out of a creative slump. art journal. so totally free-form. so totally honest and real. i love the process, and am loving the results. i haven't been this happy with a creation in a while. i will post some of the results.

have a happy snappy day!

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