Tuesday, February 06, 2007

turning 11 and kiddie gambling

my oldest kiddo turned eleven today. me, old?? (said i to myself in the mirror this morning) yes, my dear, you are getting old and that's okay. you still got it! anyhow, he had a great birthday. let me show you:

cool presents......just the beginning of them. more will poor in over the course of the week. lucky dude!

a completely, totally, 100% homemade cake from yours truly. yep. homemade. from scratch. dang i'm a good mom ;) seriously though, it's not easy to make a cake from scratch and alter the recipe for high altitude. oh, and have a busy 3 year old milling about at your feet. believe me, i'm still patting myself on the back for that one!

and this is the piped piper of the kiddie gambling. mr. chuck e. cheese himself. seriously, kids turn a bit crazed once they enter the threshold of this place. the things they'll do for a lousy token which will probably only yield them a flimsy toy, that they'll likely soon forget all about. geesh! it's strangly entertaining to watch this whole thing unfold.
see Ben frantically trying to pump tickets out of this game (meant for a toddler, by the way). all bets are off here. the objective is to get the most tickets. and apparently most kids feel they are under a time restraint to do so.
then, the heavenly payoff. cashing in your tickets for that all-important toy. ahh yes, we teach 'em young, don't we? all the begging, pleading, whining, and bargaining to get here is somehow worth a flimsy toy spider ring. again, i'm not cynical on it or anything, just merely making an observation!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! Awesome, creative, funny blog! I'm Terri's really good friend and she sent the site for me to "check it out" cuz she thinks for some crazy reason I am creative, too. Hands down, my talents are nothing compared to yours. Loved your photos! I have 2 step kids p/t and a 2 year old full-time. I cant believe you can find the time to do something that you enjoy. Thanks for letting me look at your stuff! Sharon

Amaranth said...

Thanks for writing this.