Friday, February 09, 2007

where the beautiful people are

do i fit in? no, i didn't think so either...but it was fun trying!

so in our pursuit of spontenaity, fun and living the life of leisure (on a shoestring budget) we piled into our car and headed to the mountains. more specifically to Breckenridge. however, when we got to Breck the wind chill factor must have been like -50. in the words of my little noah, "mama, it's freakin' cold!", he says with all the anger he can muster. hmm...okay, plan B. not that we actually had one (did i mention the spontaneous part?). back in the car and head up the road to.....where else, vail. now let me just say that i have been to vail before, and stephan worked there for a season. but......this still doesn't take the sheen off of this place. i felt like a country bumpkin compared to these people. gorgeous, fur-wrapped, decadent people whose ski boots are worth more than both of our cars! who lives like this??? and what the heck do these people do?? i don't know, but it was fun to mingle among them.

cocoa to take the chill off...........

apres ski you can find them (the beautiful people) dining and drinking at lush watering holes such as this:

so much fun! i love these little day trips to exotic locals. and tops, i think we spent like, 40 bucks. that was gas and food! but above all else, i got some fun snaps of the day. my favorite part!!

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