Monday, February 19, 2007

coloring my world...

with yumminess in papers, stamps, and journaling from the heart! oh how i love to scrapbook. do you know this? perhaps i've mentioned it before...umm...yes, i think so. if i could just be locked away from, oh, say 12 hours. to have completely uninterrupted scrap time. man...that would really be the ultimate for me. in the meantime i'll just squeeze it in between dirty diapers, making lunches for 3 hungry growing boys, and laundry. yes..for now that will have to work!

this is a card i made for my sister-in-law in PA. i am so completely in love with my sewing machine these days. we're having quite the affair, lemme tell ya. it just yields the most impressive results with the least amount of effort. come on, how much do we adore that????

happy monday night!

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