Friday, February 09, 2007

art journal inspiration

as promised in a previous post, here is my art journal that picked me up out of that creative slump! it is so much fun to work on, and it IS still a work in progress. that's what is so great about it. no pressure to be complete. no pressure to look a certain way, or contain certain material. it's just for me, and that's very cool! i'm finding a lot of what i'm putting in it is photography related - go figure, right!

and now, without much further ado...i give you the product of my art journal inspiration! no more creative slumps around here. i'm crankin' out pages like a mad woman!!!

these pages were kind of fun to do...interview your loved ones and scrap the results. it's not a question of when they will want to go back and look at them. it's really a question of, not again...didn't you just look at that yesterday??

and finally, one of the current favs of mine. i drew lines on white paper, then used watercolor pencils to color them in. then lightly blended with a brush and water. very custom and personal. then i wrote a "love letter" to my husband. i absolutely love journaling. scrapbooking and journaling go hand in hand. it's really hard to have one without the other. you can. but it's just not complete until you tell the story. preferably in your own handwriting.....for your posterity. they'll want to know what great-great-great-grandmas handwriting looked like - wouldn't you?

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Stacey Apeitos said...

Very cool pages. I like the rainbow journaling on the last page the best!