Tuesday, February 27, 2007

how to get creative, inspirational, mojo-licious vibes a-flowin'

there are so many places i look to for inspiration. lately, it's been through a number of blogs that belong to amazingly fantastical artists who inspire much!! without much further ado...i give you some, just some of these fabulous ladies:


like i said, these are but a few. but i visit them daily because i ALWAYS find something there that will light my fire in some way! and doesn't all inspiration spring forth from something or someone??? yes. i think so.

then there's my space. i know i've posted this before...but these are far messier versions of the aforementioned photos. this is what it looks like all the time. i keep adding to it. i'm quickly running out of wall space too! you can't really see it very well from this photo, but above my computer is a vintage map of paris. i found it at a paper store in bolder, co. the colors are these muted pastels, and the fonts used are brilliant. there is something subliminal working inside that is manifesting paris all over my house!! HA! and i thought my dream trip would be to italy...hmm..
and it's so much messier now. i always thought i needed a huge desk to house my scrap space. turns out i only need like a 2x2 area. the rest is for all my *necessary* supplies.

and finally, the sewing area. this is the sewing machine my mom bought when she was pregnant with me. yep, a 1973 beauty! still works like a champ! it's basic, straightforward, and trusty. couldn't ask for more. someday maybe i'll venture into a machine that does embroidery, is computerized, all the bells and whistles. or maybe not. there is something a bit romantic about a machine my mother used to make my clothes on. sort of like the lost art of handwritten letters (which i try to practice whenever possible!).
have a lovely tuesday!!

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