Wednesday, February 21, 2007

college towns = inspiration

welcome to bolder, co. home of university of colorado. a college town if ever i saw one...and a very cute one at that! set, no, nestled in the mountains (as you can see in the above pic.) it's just a perfect little town. it reminds me of s.f., in a way, because of the laid-back attitude that flows freely here. i would love to live in such a place...maybe someday.

everywhere i looked there was gorgeous color and words bursting forth! i think i spent more time behind the lens than looking without it. a feast for the eyes for sure!

and no college town is complete without flyers of local bands, local restaurants, local...vibe, plastered all over the place. love that!!

and now, i would like to introduce you to this lovely. actually there are two. brother and sister. my husband actually had to pull me away from them. i was sitting on the ground having such a moment with the female. i have always loved saint bernards. stephan and i have always known that our next dog WILL BE a saint. no doubt. well, after sitting with these guys i decided the time is now. we are looking to adopt one as i speak! i'm so excited - we are expanding our family!! of course i'll be sure to post more on this subject :)!

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candice said...

Don't you love little college towns? I've been missing our's since we left school this year for my husbands internship. It was this great tiny little town in the middle of no where Ohio but it was tons of fun. Love the pictures!