Monday, February 12, 2007

scenes from a restaurant

yesterday was my father-in-laws birthday. that is him looking into the camera. dave. in september he was diagnosed with GBS. a disease that attacks your nerves and basically lends you paralyzed - temporarily. the recovery is slow and the frustrations are high. it has taken the whole family aback because it hit out of nowhere. so this birthday was very special because he was able to leave the nursing facility where he lives (temporarily) for the day! we went to breakfast in manitou springs and then had lunch at this restaurant in colorado springs. it's been quite awhile since i've seen him this happy. cracking jokes. laughing. drinking wine. eating cake. it just reminds us all how blessed we are. truly!

my son (noah) has this thing with having to toast "cheers" whenever he gets a drink - of anything! it is cute...but after about 3 refills it loses it's luster.

and of course i couldn't resist this shot from the restroom. fun. and, in my defense, it was a beautiful restroom. i take that stinkin' camera EVERYWHERE! you just never know.

i scrapped this photo from christmas. this was his first time leaving the nursing home since he became sick. he looks so much better - even from christmas. i have tried to chronicle him throughout this illness because i believe it is important to capture it all. good, bad...all of it. it's something i am trying to become better at as a photographer, to photograph in bad times is not easy. it's awkward and potentially embarassing (to the subject). you have to handle it with care. utmost care. but i look at the photographers i admire most: dorothea lange...henri cartier-bresson...ansel adams, and some of their best work is of tough times. it's the human condition that matters most, isn't it? and so i try to keep that in the forefront of my mind when i have my camera in hand.

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