Tuesday, February 13, 2007

in love with love

the concept of love, adoration, being swept away in something entirely blissful, is certainly not new. and it has been mused over and over. but not by me! i've known ever since i was a very tiny girl that i would be married and have babies of my own. some girls say i want to be a doctor, or some other worldly profession. me, i wanted to be a mommy.....oh, that and an actress, of course! i had the whole handsome prince scenerio going on from a VERY early age. believe me, no man stood a chance against my standards. despite that, i did manage to find one who not only met, but exceeded those standards.....prince stephan. he swept me off my feet right away. our eyes met from across a crowded room, and i think we both just knew. neither one of us stood a chance. the circumstances weren't exactly ideal, but are they ever?
so he proposed in an entirely romantic way (because he knew how insanely important that was to me). and then, soon after, this little guy came along. he completed the circle of love that was already there with his older brothers, ben and kyle. i love babyhood. they give affection so randomly and freely. and they need it - all the time. they need that touch and connection. as they get older they need it as well, but just in more structured ways. not that that stops me from giving them huge hugs and kisses at random! i do.

i love love. anything and everything associated with it. i hope i never become a hardened cynic who hates sweet holidays like valentines day. a love scrooge, if you will. i love it when people find that soul mate they've been waiting for. i love it when i hear about happy marriages that last and endure. i love it when i hear about passionate encounters that turn peoples lives around. i love holding hands. love kissing. love big bear hugs. i love burying myself in stephans chest and breathing him in. i love watching the smile on his face when i say something that makes him laugh, or catches him off guard. i love crawling into bed next to him.
yes, i am a lucky, lucky girl who has found her happily ever after. it puts a huge smile on my face every day! love has found me, and it is here to stay!
happy valentines day eve!!!!!

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