Monday, February 26, 2007

some new favies

my scanner has a nasty little habit of cutting off parts of the scanned items. frustrating beyond belief? yes. it is. but i just wanted to share what i've been up to this weekend....creating my little pants off! lots of color here, people. be warned. but i think when you're doing layouts with kiddos you need color. kids are colorful after all. i do wane from that every now and then. i don't know that i've discovered my "style" yet. i sort of try on different styles. but i love the freedom of scrapbooking. and one things for sure, i am a nut for patterened paper! i actually start to salivate at the scrapbook store when standing in front of those tempting, perfect little rows of deliciousness!! mmmm....paper...
and in the above layout that looks like an expensive ghost frame, right? am i right?? (crickets chirping) no? well, if you said no you were right. it's a transparency sheet i cut into a frame, and then outlined with my beloved white pen.

ahh...doodling. that lost elementry school art form. now brought back to life from the likes of elsie flannigan and other such scrapbookers. love it, we do!!

so this layout was very butchered by my scanner. the title is "THE original dragon prince". i hand cut the word prince and watercolored that baby to a perfect sheen!! :)
happy monday people!

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