Thursday, March 01, 2007

quote collector

i am a collector of quotes. and i use them frequently in either scrap pages, cards i make, or art journals. i post them up all around me. they remind me to give thanks, smile, and love deeper. my mother-in-law called me the other night and asked me if i would make a card for a friend of hers that just had a heart and lung transplant. she said it needed to be really, really, really special. no pressure, right? so that night i got on a quote website and tried to find the perfect quote to uplift and bring her hope. the card pictured above is what i came up with. man, i hope it lives up to her expectations! but, then again, we are always our own worse critics! and that's never been truer than in my case.
so if anyone out there has any cool quotes, or links to quote websites, please SHARE with me!! i will be ever so grateful :)

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Deborah and Sally said...

I love quotes as well, I just put quotes (if I want a specific subject I just put that in there to - like inspirational quotes) in my search engine, google or yahoo each search engine usually has different ones as well !
You get an endless supply of great quotes !:)