Tuesday, March 27, 2007

running around in circles

and i feel like this.....

whew! it's been awhile since i've blogged, but i have good reason...i've been super busy! pinewood derby's, birthday cakes to bake (3 of them!), unpacking and decorating my mother-in-law's house, and dancing!! see! lots on my plate, but it's all good :)

kyle and brayden (his step-bro) took 3rd and 1st place. how extremely COOL is that??!! they were both totally stoked for each other. it was so much fun. way more fun than i was expecting to have.

and being boys...it's hard to sit still for very long! :) especially when those two get together!!

then on the 22nd was my hubby's birthday. i did my little homemade cake and "tablescape". it's kind of become a tradition. i set up the dining room table with the cake i made, presents and any cards. it's simple and maybe a bit hokey, but it's special. everyone in this family seems to appreciate it so far!
i was especially pleased with my string wrapping technique. it turned out cute i think.

i love my handwriting....just NOT in icing. dude! it's really hard to write with a piping bag full of icing. i give mad props to all those cake decorators out there. truly, you rock!

then this weekend we went to the Springs and celebrated Stephans birthday along with his sisters best friends birthday. hence the 2 additional cakes. again, they were homemade, and a bit crudely decorated, but i think the thought was appreciated!! my friend terri came out to dinner to celebrate with us, then went dancing with Stephan and i after. much fun! any excuse to shake my booty is a good excuse :)

ahhh...much needed sleep. this weekend tuckered all of us out. :)
hope yours was well spent too!

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