Friday, March 30, 2007

i don't mean to complain but....

yesterday must have been torture mommy day. at least for noah. everytime i turned around he had gotten into some new kind of creme, ointment, or paint and had applied it to either himself or the dog. poor dog. poor sweet, patient, tolerant dog. i found him in the hall vigorously cleaning his head with his paws. i saw some white, sort of goopy stuff on the very top of his head. upon closer inspection i discovered it was crayola "invisible" paint. the kind that turns colors when you use it on special paper. so noah knows that he can "accidentally" get it on carpet or walls and it's no biggie. i guess he thought sammy needed a makeover too. then i called noah (because he was being WAY too quiet) and he came out with the bottom half of his face gleaming and minty fresh. he was wiping it off and licking his fingers clean. i asked what it was and he proudly proclaimed, lipstick! well, it turns out it was burts bees chapstick that belonged to one of the boys. not much left of it now. sigh. then he decides that his trains need a wash down with lysol. yet another thing that must go on a "noah-proof" shelf.
so what did i do to keep myself just a tinsey bit sane yesterday??? scrapbooked any and every chance i got!!!

here's hoping that today will be just a wee bit calmer around here, and that nobody gets an unwanted makeover. a girl can wish! :)

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