Monday, April 02, 2007

Zoolander has nothing on him!

i mean really...could he be anymore "sears jr. catalog" model?? and i swear, really and truly swear, that i didn't tell him to pose. in fact, i tried to get him to stand there and smile for me. to even look at the camera. but he just held this pose until he heard the shutter click. my mom sent him this awesomely cute shirt and i wanted to get a few pics of him wearing it. i just love it. it's a Paul Frank shirt (you know, the monkey??). love it! i love it even more with him posing like a male model. he isn't ready to reveal "magnum" yet, but it's going to blow us all away!!

then there's this "little" cutie....he's ours!!! yes, ours!! his name is Teddy. how fitting is that? he is four years old and just as cuddly as he appears. very much a gentle giant. we adore him and are so enormously happy that he has come to live with us. :) :)

now i'm really "boy trapped" as my eight year old son, Kyle would say. Teddy is a boy dog too!! oh well, i'm woman enough to handle all the testosterone that is pumping through this household. ;)

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