Monday, April 09, 2007

a saturday morning ride

so saturday morning my husband hopped onto his trainer to go for a ride (it was snowing outside, hence the reason for the trainer) and my littelest lance armstrong decided he needed to go for one too. he put on one of stephan's hats (backwards) and pulled his lawnmower out right by daddy, after doing the appropriate stretches, of course! he kept yelling, faster, faster! apparently he is in training right now. the tour de france is coming sooner than we thought!! :)

man, riding is hard work!

then there's teddy bear with his "flashlight" on. don't let his smile fool you...he is not a happy camper when he is wearing it. he either plops onto the floor with a loud 'hmph', or bangs excessively on anything and everything he walks by. he can see, walk, drink, eat, pee and poop just fine with the cone on but he wants us all to think it is a huge handicap. i'm not fooled, teddy. nope, i'm on to your ploy.

easter morning this is what we woke up to in the springs.........

then dyed some eggs later in the day. of course. wouldn't be easter without 'em!!

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