Thursday, April 05, 2007

stolen manhood...

today is the day that our new dog, Teddy, becomes...well...not a man. his manhood will be removed. that means a much less aggressive Teddy bear. he isn't aggressive with us, or even with our dog Sam. he has been aggressive with other male dogs though. and his..."junk" is very infected. when the vet tried to examine him there yesterday he snapped and was promptly put into a harness. then it took stephan and the vet to basically sit on him for the vet to be able to put ointment on him. he is a big boy after all. poor fellow. so we opted to do the surgery sooner rather than later. sam was neutered right after we got him, and he was still a puppy. it just makes for a better household. calmer. not a lot of macho leg lifting and such.
so, hopefully when i pick up my teddy bear later he'll be okay. and maybe he wont have to lay on the kitchen floor like this in order to soothe his soar "junk".

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