Friday, April 13, 2007

more sharing

so i know i have mentioned my art journal before. (i still only have the one, and i add to it randomly) here are a few pages from that. i so love the freedom of this journal. no mistakes. no fear. no judgements. it's all just me and no restrictions! if i "mess up", so what! it's all part of the art and soul of it. those inperfections make it mine, and mine alone. i think this line of thinking is spilling over onto my scrap pages, and i love that! it has helped me start to define and discover my style. it has also helped me be a bit braver about the things i scrap. more feeling and truth goes into my pages, and years from now that is what will matter most. not the cute embellishments, or clever placement of things onto the page. the emotion conveyed and the honesty which it is conveyed is what will be golden. not only to me, but to my children and posterity. that is why i do this.

here is a card i made for my sister-in-law's birthday. the little "fortune" says happy birthday, and it is nestled into the tinsiest, most adorable little envelope you will likely ever see! in fact, the envelope is easily my favorite part of the card. easily! the scan is a bit crooked. i swear that it is straight in real life. and, also, there is red stitching on the one side that got cut off. picture it's fabulous cuteness in your minds eye. can you see it? it's adorable, no? ;)

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