Sunday, April 15, 2007

"mommy, look! it's Jesus...right here!!"

seeing Jesus, right there, in the middle of a local souvenier shop made noah very happy! he just had to get a picture with Him. okay, many pictures with Him.
where, you may ask, was "here"? why in...

okay, so i need to talk about something that i take very seriously and is VERY important to cream. no, i'm not usually an ice cream junkie. but if i am in the springs, and we are near THE place, well, i just have to have some!!!! josh & john's easily has the very best ice cream in the whole entire world! hands down. easy. i haven't been outside the U.S., but i've been to quite a few states here in the good 'ol U.S. and it's my favorite so far. i always order the same thing. always. colorado cookies and cream. dude. it freakin' rocks my world....oh yes, it rocks my world.

we just had to leave our mark. i would like to think it is still there. but the reality is that they probably erased it at the end of the night. oh well. at least it's documented on my camera!

and for some reason this statue of the virgin mary was so totally beautiful to me. so much so that i had to have this picture, and i think i will get it enlarged. it just speaks to me, you know!

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