Monday, March 19, 2007

the time has come to....

give myself another haircut!!!! i cut & color my own hair. have i ever mentioned that before? probably not, but maybe it's evident..hee hee. i just refuse to waste my time and money to go to an overpriced salon when i can get the job done (to my satisfaction) at home. i have only had ONE good stylist. ONE!!! that is crazy to me. so tonight my trusty scissors and i have a hot date. my hubby rolls his eyes whenever i tell him "it's time". he tells me not to, but then always likes the results, so what's the big deal?? the way i look at it, i am saving us money. money i'll likely use on scrapbook stuff, but hey, it's savings nonetheless. this is kim logic, you understand. it all makes perfect sense to me :). i have had people ask me who does my hair (after complimenting it) and when i tell them i do...i see that shocked look. then they ask if i'll do theirs. whoaa....back this horse up! i have no problem screwing up my hair. i have come to terms with that possibility, and it has happened once or twice (color gone bad). but someone else....nope. can't do it. couldn't live with that uncomfortable awkwardness everytime i saw them again. the guilt. no thank you! maybe i'll post a pic. of the results.

in totally unrelated news, i thought i would share my latest:

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