Friday, March 16, 2007

littlest one

a shout out to my baby, noah. i didn't realize last night that 4 of the 5 layouts i did were of him! kind of funny how that works, and i'm sure i'll hear about it from kyle (my 8 year old). i have to be very careful to balance out the layouts so that it's even!! they are totally into fair, even, equals. i remember that from my childhood. heck, i still get that way about certain things. fair is fair. equal this, even amount here. do we ever really outgrow that? human behavior is so facsinating to me!! i should have been a therapist. :

i had so much fun doing the above layout. i used paint and chaneled my inner swirly-twirly girl!! so pretty and whimsical. it's always a bit scary when you're using paint. it's not like you can erase it and start over. nope. you can kiss that cutesy paper you just messed up goodbye. luckily that hasn't happened to me....yet!

happy friday!! :) :)

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