Thursday, March 08, 2007

the luckiest

girl in the world, i am! i came across this song by Ben Folds called The Luckiest. i instantly put it on my ipod after listening to just a small part of it. that's it...exactly how i feel about this man. sort of like that movie The Notebook. i cried throughout that movie, and throughout this song. it just communicates my relationship with stephan so perfectly. so perfectly! how can that be?? how can someone know, and hit the nail on the head so exactly? if i could write him a song it wouldn't be too different from this song. if you get the chance, listen to it. seriously.

i am at a very comfortable point in my life. the point in which i think most people start to really come into their own. accept who they are and embrace it. there are still parts of myself that i would love to change (my body), and maybe i'll always fight that demon. it's consuming at times, but starting to become less so. i still want to be healthy and look my best, but it is coming easier i think. i really love the way my life has turned out. i am so incredibly blessed, and i thank my heavenly father for that. He has given me all that i have, of that i am certain! and so i leave you with one of my current favorite quotes (in the pic. below). keep it in the forefront of your mind. live it!

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