Friday, July 11, 2008

why pink tumbleweed??

i have been, on more than a few occasions, asked where or how i came up with the name of my business. there is in fact a story, or a sort of brainstorm behind it. and here it is:
i wanted something that would be unique, not boring, but simple and easy to remember. when we moved out here... to the plains of colorado...i found my creative juices had kicked into full gear! my mind was bursting with new ideas, new motivation and inspiration. it was marvelous because i had never felt such a renaissance of creativity. i have always made jewlery and cards and scrapbooked. i had even sewn a bit here and there, but now i had the desire to go to new extremes and push myself to do more. i had toyed with the idea of selling my goods, and had to friends, but never in a formal setting, such as a store or website. so, one day whilst sitting at my computer, surrounded by my creative mess of beads and paper and fabric i had an epiphany. let me quickly say that stephan and i have moved - A LOT. even before i married stephan i moved - A LOT. from one state to the next. one group of friends and family to the next group, and so on. and now i had landed on the plains, in my favorite state, colorado. i was, in essence, tumbleweed. ah ha. but not just a brown shriveled up piece of broken tumbleweed. no. a dreamy shade of pink tumbleweed. like the color of blushing cheeks, barbie's lips, rose petals, or the frosting on all my childhood birthday cakes! this wandering girls favorite color - PINK!!! hence, pink tumbleweed. a name that fits me perfectly and now you know why.

oh, and i am so thankful for all of the lovely comments left for my post yesterday. they made my cheeks turn that unique shade of ...... pink! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Peggy said...

Hey there Kim,
I love all of your blogs and so appreciate that you keep posting your family pictures and events. Keeps me in the loop and watching from a distance as the boys grow and learn.
I love your new necklace and the diaper bag. You are so creative and good at it. See you next week.
Love, Mom

Erin said...

Funny I was thinking about this the other day...and would likely have asked you! Now I don't have to...we'll have to find other things to talk about while we stand in my pantry! :-)

Angie Fellows said...

I definitely need to come check out your stuff! You are seriously talented! I love the name of your business.

Stacey said...

hee hee I was just trying to explain "pink tumbleweed" to Curtis the other day...your explanation was way better than the one I tryed to give him!! hee hee

Olivia said...

It is a very, very good name. Perfect, actually! Names that give you an image in your mind when you hear them are always the best, I think. And a PINK tumbleweed? How cool is that image?!