Monday, July 07, 2008

small scale disaster = motivation

sunday we had a bit of a torrential downpour here. as a result our basement got flooded. not hugely flooded, but about an inch or two of water (in some places). well, what got hit the hardest was, of course, my scrapbook stuff. specifically my paper. gasp! i know it seems small in the grand scheme, and it is, but it still makes me sad. so i am in the process of drying it all out. what you see in this photo is a small part of my soaked stash.

but, seeing all my stuff get wet and almost ruined inspired me, no, motivated me to USE it...NOW!!

two of my favoritest scrapbook divas EVER: heidi swapp and elsie

then i thought i would post a few pics of my mad mess. my happy mess, or happy to me. i sometimes just like to sit in my little "studio" area and soak in the loveliness of it all. (that probably sounds a bit insane, huh)


Leah said...

oh no! Hopefully you were able to salvage most of it!

Natalie* said...

flooded basement - AHH!! You should have called for help, as we've had two floods in the year we've lived in this house. as I've said before, I LOVE your craft corner.

Stacey said...

man that totally sucks! Love your new LO though!!! Motivation is always good!! hee hee
Check out my blog..I got some cute pictures of the kiddos yesterday!!

Olivia said...

I am crying on the inside for you and your paper and such. That STINKS! hopefully it will all dry out well enough for you to still use it. :(