Thursday, July 31, 2008

personality to spare

noah is always doing something to warrant laughs, smiles, and the shake of the head. we often ask him how old he really is, because surely he canNOT be four. maybe twenty four. he says things that seem to come out of nowhere, which seem far too mature (in a good way) for his age. i am so thankful we have such a vibrant, action-packed kid in our house! even my 'play-it-cool' nine and twelve year olds crack up at his antics. no one is immune to his super powers.

love ya sweet noah dude!


Olivia said...

Those pictures are too awesome, Kim. Love that last one! I know what you mean about personality to spare...we have a couple of those here too!

Peggy said...

I adore Noah, Ben and Kyle. Always brings joy to my heart and brightens any day when I see these guys.
Thanks again and again for blogging. I am "virtually" with you.
Love you dearly!

Kim Luck said...

Cute pics of Noah. He is such an animated little one. Always has cute things to say, such as "Kim you are looking more and more like yourself". What 4 year old says that?

Natalie* said...

SERIOUSLY one of the sweetest little men I know - luckily, I won his heart by bringing cookies over one time - we're tight now!