Tuesday, July 08, 2008

defining me now...

this is one of the coolest things i've come across
in quite some time. basically this site pulls out
different words you use in your blog and puts them
in a collage! how stinkin' cool???!!!!
check it out for yourself...just click on the cluster
and it will take you to the site.


Olivia said...

that.is.the.coolest.thing.ever! thanks!!!

Stacey said...

wow that is really cool!!!

Ashley said...

I saw your comment on Stacey's blog that is funny! I thought you had her on your friends list....;) Do you know that I Have a blog too? Do you know who this is? I use this way more that myspace and I am always reading yours! Infact I love this words you use in the blog thingy and I put it on the bottom of mine. It was kind of fun to see what I say the most. For me the top 3 were 1-family, 2-Love, 3-Eli, Cute huh! At least those sound about what I am thinking every day.

I hope your photoshop is coming along! Man that program is massive...I ordered two books I am trying to read through and learn more about it with.