Thursday, July 24, 2008

snapshots from my home

i thought i would share a few of the images i see everyday, that make up my life. it's these images that we become so accustomed to seeing, and may even take for granted. i want to document even the seemingly insignificant... so here goes:

some (very little) of the things i put on that make me happy!!

my bedtime reading material. i just finished the two books on bottom, and am re-reading twilight. yep - it's sweeping me into 'edward land' again. sigh. i have a bit of a crush on edward.

but my heart belongs to this guy:

i love this random little sign that reads: on this site in 1887 nothing happened. it holds our keys. very important.

lookie what has bloomed......a plant that i planted with my very own hands!! so rewarding! :) (i'm not really sure what that tinsey orange flower-looking thing is...strange and beautiful)

another very important thing that i use multiple times a wooden spoons. love, love, love them.

and our crazy, hectic family calendar. i would be utterly lost without this constant visual reminder of where i need to be and when. i am a visual person. absolutely.

this postcard on the side of our fridge is a reminder to me of how blessed i am to be a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. blessed to have a gorgeous temple, the denver temple, so close. blessed for so many reasons indeed.

this is on the side of our kitchen cupboards......need i say more.........i am crazy in love with him!


Olivia said...

you have the coolest stuff! It all says "kim" so very well.

Stacey said...

those are way cool pictures!!! Love the flower!!!

Peggy said...

Love to read your blogs everyday! You are so creative and such a love. Love seeing posts on the boys, I feel like I get a chance to be with them a bit, even if it is virtual, it is still great!
Love you,