Sunday, July 06, 2008

adventure for the fourth!

for the first weekend in a looong time we had NO games, NO obligations. so we had to take advantage and do what we've been itching to do for quite some time.....CAMPING!!! we are a true blue camping family. love it. love the smells, the nature, the food,the adventure. i even don't mind getting a little dirty. so we packed our minivan to the point of bursting with: 2 tents, 2 coolers filled to capacity, 5 sleeping bags, 2 boxes of food, a wooden crate full of cast iron, 5 backpacks, 2 big dogs (one drooling the whole way...ugh), three kids, and two parents deep in thought trying to make sure we packed everything we need. it wasn't until we got there, set up camp (just in time for darkness) that we realized we forgot two very important things: firewood, and water. we had plenty of drinking water, but the 5 gallon jug we had at home for cooking and dog drinking was still at home. and the big stack of firewood (obtained from craigslist) was still neatly stacked on the side of our house. luckily we were only about 30 minutes from deckers. a tinsey mountain town with one conveience store that would surely sell us some firewood and water...for a price. so the next day we drove into town and paid $3.00 for a gallon of water (times two) and $5.00 for a small bundle of firewood. lesson learned.

now that i am a den leader i am all about scouting, and getting the boys onboard. that means getting things checked off in their scout books. what a great opportunity to do so in the great outdoors. here they are whittling their found walking sticks. knife skills, check!

and they set up their own tent. tent setting up, check!

and a family hike (yes, this is a requirement)...check!

look at mr. scaredy pants....i kept telling him that we were on an adventure, like indiana jones. he wasn't buying it. he was scared nonetheless of the rocks, the bees, the flys, the possibility of snakes, pooping in the wilderness, and many other things. sigh. but despite his fears he loved camping. he just worried a lot.

i was pretty proud of this picture considering that my camera is propped up on a rock and i had 10 seconds to navigate my way into the photo!

mmmm.....popcorn made in cast iron over a fire. it was scrumptious!!!

this was towards the end of our trip. noah is dirty beyond recognition (for me anyway...this made me crazy. i tried to hold my tongue though). and he confiscated teddy's dog collar to be his indiana jones belt. he kept crackin' us up because he would wiggle his hips to make the tags jingle! it was quite a sight.
i am so thankful for our fourth of july camping trip. we are truly blessed to live in this beautiful country, where you can camp in amazing mountain majesty! thankful indeed!


Kim Luck said...

great pics! looks like you had fun. i don't blame kyle one bit for worrying about pooping in the mountains. not my favorite thing to do either.

Olivia said...

We always seem to forget the most important things whenever we go far form home too! Glad you had a good time!