Sunday, January 06, 2008

where art is made...

i would apologize in advance for the mess you are about to view...but the fact of the matter is, i like my mess. i am, in most other areas of my life, very o.c.d. about how organized and clean i am. but when it comes to my "studio" space, where all of my creative endeavors become real, i think the mess is simply honesty. it shows that my space is being used regularly, and for lots of things. i have grown to love it, really.

i thought i would post some pics of our new years eve adventure in estes park. we stayed at the holiday inn, and well, fell asleep at 10pm. but, the next day we visited the stanley hotel and saw a gorgeous heard of elk roaming about. i just loved being in the mountains, if only for a little while.

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Noah, Ashley and Elijah said...

Who that trip looked like lots of fun! Did you go with kids or just you and your hubby?