Monday, January 14, 2008

mini album. semi finished.

here is a mini album i am currently working on that will include all pics (or most) from the fall season. i scanned these, and the scanner distorted some of the color, and cut some of the pages off a bit. i love mini albums. for me they totally work because i need to compartmentalize my photos. it's nice to have them in their own neat little homes. not all jumbled together. i am not AT ALL caught up with all my photos. not by a long shot. my philosophy is, do the ones you are inspired to do. either way your kids, and ancestors will appreciate anything you do.
these go in the order of the album (which i made out of chip board and large rings). starting with the cover:

the color got really distorted on this one. that is a bummer because it is such a brilliant orange pic. it also cut off the "e" from orange.

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Noah, Ashley and Elijah said...

The more and more I watch your blog to more I wish I live close to you! We have so many of the same interests but you are just steps a head of me.....I need advice...assitance...and help! I will send yuo a message on myspace with some questions. Cute album!!!