Thursday, January 10, 2008

the perks of being married to a chef

oh so many perks! he is no ordinary "line" chef. no. he is an amazingly talented chef. an artist. i totally believe this and know it to be true. yes, i am biased.'s true! when we were dating he dazzled me with his brilliant skills, and continues to do so. i have been begging for his yummilicious egg rolls for quite some time. tonight, he appeased me. these were vegetarian. mostly cause i am a huge fan of tofu, and almost always have some in my fridge. so i thought i would post pics for you to drool over. they were most delicious!

step 1) chop desired ingredients and mix in a large bowl.

step 2) wrap in won ton wrappers, sealing the edges with an egg wash so they don't open while cooking. he also dusted them with corn starch. i'm not sure why.

step 3) either fry in a wok or they can be boiled (they healthier option) but healthy, smealthy!! i wanted mine fried baby!

step 5) keep said egg rolls warm while making delicious fried rice. mmmm......

step 6) plate your food to dazzle your whole family *wink*

step 7) devour and ENJOY!!! i didn't take a picture of this because i was too busy enjoying the fruits of his labor!! thank you stephan! :)

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