Sunday, January 13, 2008

how lucky am i??

i feel like i post lots of pictures of noah, and that is mainly because he is home with me during the day. the two older kiddos, ben and kyle, are of course in school, or playing, or off somewhere. they aren't even teenagers yet and already i scarcely see them! ben turns 12 next month!! yikes! where did those years go?? 12 is a very important age for a boy in the latter day saint religion because he enters into young mens. i seriously cannot believe that time is pretty much here.

i love moments like these:
ben is so good about helping kyle with his homework, mainly math. he is much better than i am. but is warms my heart to see them working together (even if it is because i've asked him thousands of times!). we have started letting ben babysit noah for small bits of time, to get him ready for potential babysitting gigs. he is very patient and good with him, but is also still learning that a four year old is like the DON'T turn your back on it!
yep...i am a lucky mommy indeed! :)

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