Friday, June 20, 2008

stepping forward

my oldest, ben, graduated from elementary school today. i thought it would be easy enough to get through the ceremony. ha! not when they sing songs like wind beneath my wings (while some students passed out roses to their 'heros'), and that's what friends are for. there was even a girl who did a mean solo...very reminiscent of dione warwick. anyhow, this mom was crying like a baby watching her 'baby' step boldly into his future. it's going so fast.

ben and his teacher, mrs. pleis. she is awesome, and i'm glad to say kyle will have her next year. she truly loves her kids and it shows. i feel blessed that my kids have someone like her teaching them.

and me, the proud, beaming mom!!!

his next destination? sky vista!! onward and upward! i love you ben.

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Anonymous said...

Hard to beleive that it has been over twelve years. Wish i could of been there.