Tuesday, June 17, 2008

indiana jones meets the paddle bandit!

noah is, like my older two boys and ever other kid for that matter, obsessed with indiana jones right now. this hat and shirt is a part of his EVERYDAY outfit. this morning was no exception...pajamas and all. he was watching backyardigans and it was the episode of the paddle bandit. this inspired him into action. he grabbed the nearest paddle (yes, there was more than one) and went to town!

i promise i am not being paid by sun microsystems to advertise for them. i used to work there when we lived in cali, and i still have TONS of sun stuff!

on fathers day we went to colorado springs to be with my in-laws. they had the missionaries join us (as usual) and the new guy, elder cook, is a balloon master!!!! he was able to make an indiana jones balloon..........AMAZING!!!! i was in awe! this guy rocks and i'm sure with his mad balloon skills he will be able to convert so many to the gospel. well, that and of course the message he will bring ;)


Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

love, love, love the outfit. love the hat, love the shirt, love the boots, love the whole thing. and as for the balloon jonesy - unbelievable - didn't know it was even possible!!

Lindsay said...

Hi Kim! Cool blog! Thanks for your comment. I'll be checking in on you guys, too. That balloon IS amazing! And Noah looks like a great little Indie.

Angie Fellows said...

I love Noah's outfit!! I gotta get one for Danny. Very impressive balloon. I have never seen a balloon that detailed. So cool!