Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sinus infection = misery!

yes, a sinus infection is quite possibly one of the most miserable sickness' (of the minor ones you could have). on top of the regular cold symptoms, you get these 'bonus' symptoms: ear ache, plenty of drainage, face pain, and lets not forget the headache that makes you beg your husband to decapitate you. it's intense, and i'm usually pretty tough about being sick. this has turned me into a whiny baby. so all i've wanted to do is curl up in a ball and sleep the pain away. but a mom cannot easily do that with a busy four year old, so i sucked it up and took him to a local water spray park yesterday. we packed a picnic lunch and soaked up way too many uva rays (despite the soaking layer of sunscreen - ah, ozone layer i do miss you). noah had lots of fun:

here he is with some of his buddies!!
i was able to forget my sinus misery for awhile....until noah threw a fit and yelled, no screamed to the top of his bity lungs, in my face. after that, we packed up and left. the momentary bliss was gone and it was back to the real world of disciplining, enforcing, and all the other lovely mom duties. sigh.

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Mike & Jaime said...

Ugghhh! Mike gets sinus infections alot, and I thought he was just being a wimp, good to know that it really is awful! I hope you're feeling better, by the way - love the star wars photo - tell me how to get those six pack abs!