Monday, June 16, 2008

action-packed weekend

it was one of those weekends where you can barely catch your breath because you are going from one activity to another. i was in full-blown cheerleader mode on saturday. both kyle and ben had their first baseball games (which they won - yeah). so i was at the baseball park from 9 to 12:15, then it was a mad dash to go home, get noah in his swimsuit, and get him to a 1:00 duel birthday party at the spray park. i was the designated photographer so i was behind the lens from 1 - 3. this was fine by me, it is where i prefer to be anyway. then after the party it was back home for me to whip up a macaroni salad (which turned out heavenly, thank you very much :) ) for sunday's fathers day festivities. with some of the leftover eggs i hardboiled for the salad i made eggsalad sandwiches for dinner. then we loaded up in the car one more time to meet some friends for ice cream. oh wait, i almost forgot, after ice cream we had one more errand to run...we had to go to the store and get a few more ingredients for the fathers day feast. of course we had to go to THREE stores to find what we needed. geesh. breathe. it's all good!spray park play............

steph is the assistant coach for kyles team. he was in heaven because baseball is his favorite sport. a sport he played very well growing up, and one he dearly misses playing and being involved in.

i was so happy to see my boys out there, giving it their all, and doing pretty good. it makes all the running around from this practice to that one so worth it.

it was a bit tricky because there was this big fence (okay, i'm grateful for the fence because it does protect the cheering section) but it made it harder to get the good shots. oh well. next time i'll have to see about getting a press pass to get me on the field ;)

swimming lessons. i suppose i should put this in a post all it's own, but i wanted to jam-pack this one! noah has swimming lessons twice a week. thursday was his first one. where he is sitting in these pics is where he stayed the whole lesson, and even that was a struggle. oh i hope this week he will be a bit braver and actually go IN the water. we'll see.
at least he is in it with two of his buddies: logan and taegan. i think that brings him some comfort!
sorry for those of you who may want more than a post all about my kids, but these days that's my life. however, i do plan on starting to sew diaper bags and baby items again. AND get my etsy shop filled again. so there will be a post on this in the near future. in the meantime, thanks for suffering through the personal stuff ;)!!

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Kim said...

Ben and Kyle look like naturals in their baseball uniforms. I bet they did so good. It's those things that make us be so busy as a mom, but so wonderful to do at the same time.