Wednesday, June 04, 2008

silly crazy sexy cool!

this guy is all of those and more! i just laugh and laugh - a lot. he is not afraid to be stupid and totally dorky, and i adore that quality. i am not a stifled person...can't be. i have tons of silliness bursting out at the seams. i sure am glad my mate is the same way.

oh, and he's a hottie too. that wasn't necessarily a requirement of mine, but it's a nice plus.

and he's a man of nature and all things outdoorsy. good for this nature gal!

he gives me lots of stuff to scrapbook about. and supports my every crazy creative whim...and there are a lot of those. i am kind of a mess in this regard. all over the board!!!
thanks for being mine my dear sweet stephan!!! i love you


Anonymous said...

THATS RIGHT!!! I AM WHAT I AM and that is 100% in love with YOU, my wife!!! PS I look good, REALLY good!!!

The Lucky Family said...

oh brother. I can see stephan's head getting bigger as he reads the blog about himself:) No really, I guess you got a good guy there-that is as nice as I will be:)

Stacey said...

hee hee hee hee

Leah said...

those pics crack me up!