Thursday, June 12, 2008

baseball practice

tonight ben had baseball practice. i went and, like always, was behind the camera most of the time. but i captured some priceless moments. it's so heartwarming to watch your kids giving all they got to a sport. then seeing the joy on their faces when they are in the zone. i am embracing every single moment of being their mom!!

what a face!!! love this little dude!

and this little dude....

some friendly brotherly wrestling....

after about 35 minutes of sitting by me, wrestling with noah, and watching ben, kyle decided to wander off and find something to take his mind off of the boredom. what did i find him doing?? messing with a fire ant hill, of course. what else?? i got these shots without him even knowing i was there.

messing with fire ants has it's drawbacks...apparently they don't like it when you stab at their home with sticks and rocks.

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